This episode is the 8th episode.

In this episode,our heroes gets to Piffuny Forest.There Ash sees a Caterdle(Caterpie+Weedle).Using Pikachu,Ash catches him.While on the forest,after Caterdle capture,a shadow girl appear.In some seconds after her apparition,it was shown that she actually look like Dawn.She's a Android version of Dawn,sended by Altto,to stop them forever.Her name is Dawn-Borg.Dawn said that she'll fight to Dawn-Borg,cause if the bot,is a real copy of Dawn,the real Dawn should know her startegy.Dawn sended out Piplup,while Dawn-Borg Blastoleon(Empoleon+Blastoise).From one move Dawn's Piplup fainted.After that,May got to try her luck.Her Vaporeon was also beated easily by Blastoleon.In 10 minutes,all of Ash friends were defeated.Ash got angry on Dawn-Borg,and trowed out

Dawn Borg when laughing at Ash chosed Pokemon.

Caterdle.Dawn-Borg laughed when she saw what kind of weak pokemon Ash sended out.Tough her laughs,in some seconds after sending out,Caterdle evolved in Metacoon(Metapod+Cascoon).Metacoon defending was so big,so Blastoleon got tired.After that,Metacoon used Bug Bite and beated Blastoleon.Dawn-Borg then teleported into a ship that just comed in the sky.The ship flyed to Altto Base.When Altto leader heared about Dawn-Borg fall he was seen talking to a unknow member,which nickname it was revealed to be ,,Rank S Allto".


  • Caterdle
  • Dawn-Borg
  • Blastoleon
  • Metacoon
  • Rank S Altto


  • By his nickname ,,Rank S Altto"everyone would notice that he is one of the best of Altto members.
  • This is the first episode where a pokemon in caugh and evolved in the same episode.
  • It's the first and the last time when Dawn-Borg shows a emotion.(she laughed when Ash sended out a weak poke)