The Fusion Chamberis used by Team Altto to fusion pokemons.A fusion chamber first time appeared in episode 7(which name is actually ,,Fusion Chamber".A fusion pokemon first appeared in episode 1.


  • The fusion Chamber:Can fusion two pokemons
  • The fusion Chamber V2:Can fusion 2 or 3 pokemons.
  • The Fusion Chamber V3:Can fusion 4 or even 5 pokemons.
  • The fusion Room:Can fuse legendaries.


  • The only 3 possesors of a Fusion Chamber that is not in Altto team are:Prof.Hitoraichi,Ash,and the third one won't be revealed till that person will appear,cause i don't wanna give spoilers.When the third person will make his debut,i will change this trivia.But till then.the third one is unknow.