Just when they are about to leave,a old man comes in the city.Ash asked him,who he is.He said he is the temporaly professor,Prof.Kirkdail,while prof.Hitoraichi is missing.He builded his lab in Skullealler City,and asked
Ursula Flareon pokemon anime

The first appearence of Lopez's Eevee as a Flareon

Ash and the others,to go in.Here professor,has 3 starters fusion.He said he is giving them away,to someone that wants them.Prof. decided to give Ash Torchar(Torchik+Cimchar),to Ken Bulbawig(Bulbasaur+Turtwig),and to Joshie Squirkip(Squirtle+Mudkip).He also has a evolution stone at him.Lopez and Bigguy,having Eevees they would be usefull.Tough,professor only one.Bigguy,being bigger,decided to let the stone to Lopez.That stone is a Fire Stone.Lopez used the Fire Stone and his Eevee evolved into a Flareon.In that moment Team Altto Trio comed and,using 4 Steal Balls,stealed Torchar,Bulbawig,Squirkip and Flareon.Ash,Ken and Joshie,still having other pokemons,battled the Trio.Ash sended out Pikabird,Ken sended Ursanite and Joshie sended out Muncly.The trio sended out three pokemons too.Koovine,from Joom,Serpekans from Tayti,and from both,Meowsian.Pikabird used Thunder,Ursanite used Beam Wall,and Muncly Lazy kick.Koovine and Serpekans were beaten.Then Meowsian used Bite,But Pikabird stoped him,while Ursanite used again Beam Wall and defeated Meowsian.The stolen pokemon were taken back,and now our heroes finally leaves the city.


  • Prof.Kirkdail
  • Flareon
  • Serpekans


  • For the first time,a Eevee is seen evolving in the anime.