Skullealler city is close to the destroy.Ash,Joshey,Ken and Rachale are about to lose.But then,Team Altto Mayor comed and used a Regi Ball.It was launched on the sky,and all the regis were caugh in.Ash and his friends are wondering what happend.Then,Ken and Rachale comed flying on Pidtor from Orreo City back in front of the cave.Ken now saw'd how evil Altto can be,and he decided,that he can't beat them alone,so joined to Ash and the others.Rachale was very shocked but happy about this.Then she got and huged Ken again,just like he did in Episode 11(Ken Roger).While that,Mayor Altto is saw'd in a room called Fusion Room,where legendaries can be fusioned.Exactly when Prof.Ruin was trying to press the fusion button,Regigigas appeared.He comed to rescue the Regis.Anyway,Hydron,the prince of Altto and the son of the leader,catched him and putet him in the deposit room,for later.The the regis fusioned.The fusion was called:Regielements.He was then send in a mission along with Hydron in Island of Fool.The mission is top secret acording to the Mayor.While that,our heroes stays is the night at the Poke-center,this,being one of the only buildings that wasn't destroyed from Skullealler city.After everyone fall asleep,Rachale waked up Ken,and told him that she's very happy to go on this adventure with him.She also said that without him,she actually wouldn't be a ranger.


  • Altto Mayor
  • Regielement
  • Hydron


  • At the end of the episode Rachale said that without Ken,she wouldn't be a ranger.For more info check episode 28(Pokemon Ranger Fusion)