Rank s

Rank S Altto

Still in the forest,our heroes continues their way.Because it's late(23:03 acording to Joshie)they got a place where got to their places,and sleep.None of the boys leaved,so Bigguy beganed with his Ghost story.While on the middle of the story,exactly at 00:00,the time stopeed.A bird,the fire,and everything,except the boys was stopped in time.A Spiriroak(Spiritomb+Zoroak)appeared.The Rank S Allto was revealed to be it's trainer.He was asked how he stoped the time.He asnwered that Spiriroak special fusion move is the time stopping.Ash sended out both,Pikachu and Metacoon to battle against Spiriroak.Tough,from one hit,both of them fainted.Ash was very surprinsed to see that power.After,he asked the other boys to keep Rank S Altto busy,till he'l be missing.He got behind a tree and got out the fusion Chamber.Ash used it to fusion Pikachu with the bird that was stoped in the sky.Pikabird!Then Ash returned and...using Pikabird,defeated Spiriroak.After that Rank S Altto leaved,and started the time.After that Ash,sais to Pikabird to turn back.That's when Ash learned that a fusion can't be reversed.


  • The bird
  • PikaBird
  • Spiriroak


  • In this episode,Ash learns that a fusion can't be reverved,and that Pikabird will never be able to return back as a Pikachu and a bird.